Monthly Rates Effective March 15th, 2019

3% Discount With a "Non-Refundable" Annual Prepay by Check


Boat Height

2’ Clear



LOA x Rate

12-Month Contract

LOA x Rate
















Rates are subject to change without notice

Includes 4-moves per day. Detailing racks are available for your convenience. Rates are monthly. Length is measured by overall length per foot. Height is measured from the bottom of the hull to the highest point as it is stored. The minimum monthly license for inside boat storage is $200-Dollars per month.


Insurance Requirements;

 Additional Insured, Comprehensive, $500,000 Liability or more, $500 Deductible or less 

Boat Trailers, Travel Trailers,  Storage Trailers

    Boat Trailers can be stored onsite for $30 monthly with a Boat Storage License, and $50 monthly without. Enclosed Storage Trailers and Camper Trailers can be stored onsite for $75 per month.


  • Marina fork lift capacity; 27,000 pounds, 40’ Length Overall
  • Capable of Launching within 5-minutes from rack to water
  • Fuel dispensers on land, ability to fuel your boat before you arrive
  • Fuel dispensers on floating piers, including regular, premium, and diesel
  • Work racks, wash brush, and wash solution provided for your convenience
  • Completely enclosed alarm protected boat storage building
  • Annual bottom painting is not necessary
  • Hulls and intakes stay cleaner, increasing fuel mileage and performance
  • Protection from UV rays and moisture damage to upholstery and gel coat
  • Much less work, more time for boating
  • Twenty launch slips makes it convenient when you return from a trip
  • Calm protected waterways, unaffected from small craft advisory
  • 6-miles South of Norfolk Waterside
  • 1-mile south of I-64 high-rise bridge
  • 3-miles North of Great Bridge Locks

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